About us

Create delightful impact

Playa is a team of multi-discipline talents who treat every day as a challenge but not simply a job.

We reflect, create and develop together with our partners and make progress in our digital world. We choose to build digital products because we believe digital technology profoundly changed our way of living.

Building great design and products ease people life and make work easier. That was our goal to start our journey.

" Thank you Playa for producing a great app for travellers to find the best place for travel money. We have received lots of good and encouraging comments regarding the user experience."

Brian Lee, co-founder of HyperAir Incorporation Limited

We are


Passionate about making changes project by project. We sincerely love our jobs and hope to provide the best possible service to you.


Getting the job done does not necessary means boring work. We are all about delivering creative solutions to our clients.

Forward Thinking

We think ahead and introduce cutting-edge technologies to our clients. It is easier and more convenient to build what you have visioned.


We are the professionals that you need to grow your business. We have been collaborated with different clients in different scales.

How we work


Pinpointing the right problem is just as important to find the right solution.


We believe practical and reasonable design is more important.


We deliver projects with realistic schedule and budget.


Building a new project from ground-up is hard. We also offer help for continuous support and development.

Work with us to create the next big thing together

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