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iTour & H.A.D Walk Website


We have collaborated with Hulu Culture to promote the experience of Art, heritage and local History by building an app and also website. H.A.D. Walk is a non-profit program focus on Heritage, Arts and Design. Every year, two regions of Hong Kong are selected as focus, featuring Shatin and Sai Kung this year.

Learn and Appreciate Heritage of ShaTin and Sai Kung

The theme “Fusion of Horizons”, of H.A.D. Walk 2016 is all about mountains and sea. We have created an animated motion graphics using HTML Canvas for the website, matching the key visuals adopted in the booklet.

The experience of nature is also extended offline. With on-site exhibition organising at Shatin and Sai Kung, we have managed to integrate exhibits info with the app and website. Building iTour app with Ionic Framework, we are able to harness the latest features of web-based hybrid development. Up-to-date content is delivered via the cloud every time the app is launched. QR codes on site allow seamless access to videos and further explanation of the exhibits. Google & Apple Map integration for each heritage site enable visitors to commence their urban adventure anytime.

Building an effortless backend platform , we have managed to synchronise website and mobile database. Staff could access and update exhibit and event information anytime using our back-end control platform.

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